About La Muse Events

La Muse Events in San Diego is a full service wedding and party design enterprise focused on creating an experience for you and your guests. Your inspirations serve as our foundation for designing your special day.

Among San Diego party planners, La Muse Events is considered the foremost wedding planning and design company. Crafting weddings of all sizes for brides from many diverse backgrounds has given La Muse Events the competitive edge, while acknowledging that every couple is a unique creation. Your wedding should be a reflection of that uniqueness.

A successful Event Planner must have the diplomacy of an ambassador, the creativity of a designer, the prophetic ability of a clairvoyant, and the listening ear of a therapist. With these skills, combined with a refined palate, an eye for design, a warm, hospitable disposition and an unflappable demeanor, Natasha Entin of La Muse Events has everything it takes to make your next event stand out.