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A Sweet Sixteen party marks a teenage girl's passage into early adulthood. In some parts of the country, girls will participate in very formal "coming out" ceremonies in which they are introduced to society, but any teenage girl can have her own "coming out" party when she plans her Sweet Sixteen.

Our skilled Sweet Sixteen party planners will listen your sixteen year old’s dreams and wishes - as well as those of her parents - to plan a party that your daughter and her friends won’t soon forget. We want to make all of your teenage daughter’s wishes come true. Sweet Sixteen parties can be seen as rites of passage - not only is your child eligible to drive a car, but celebrating one’s sixteenth birthday with a lavish party function in many ways as the outward marking of your daughter leaving her childhood behind and entering into womanhood.

A La Muse Sweet Sixteen party planner will guide you through the options - a Sweet Sixteen can range from an informal yet intimate gathering with family, to a blowout party in a ballroom. Call us today to find the right fit for you and your teenage daughter!

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